Rss Feed, Client retrieval or Server Retrieval – What did I decide…

I decided to go with the client-side approach using

now all I have to do is create preferences for all the elements they want to change, oh and maybe a few tweaks to the code to allow title (url), image and description to be optional elements.

Before I started writing the portlet I looked at the liferay out of the box RSS Portlet, and sadly it did do most of what I wanted but it used the Server-side approach to this problem, and if I wanted to extend it I would have to write the portlet in Struts style, I haven’t done any struts for a while, and I can knock up Spring based code in a a couple of hours and have a version deployed and working!

So that’s that, now to write the specification for the changes and pass it on to one of colleagues, ta-dah….

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