Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and csv to XML Transformations using MFL

Help required!

I have been using ESB/OSB for the last five years and have had to do most things, but never integrate using files!  I don’t like it, and companies should really make sure that there products have web services or some other XML based real-time integration (that works) .  For me, if it doesn’t have this, I’m not sure I can agree that it should be called an enterprise solution!  Anyway, enough of my rant, and on to the good stuff (Well, awkward stuff that’s not working for me!)

I am trying to carry out a CSV to XML conversion, and the idea seems relatively simple, but….

This is what I am doing:

1. I have a CSV file that will be on a web server, that will change daily.

2. I need a proxy that will pick this file up and convert it to XML using MFL

3. I then process this xml through a web service (java implemented) to add, update or remove information for a database.

What I have tried:

1. Created an mfl file that, when tested in OSB (version 10gR3) works to convert data both ways.

2. Created a Business service of type messaging service and asked for no input, but selected mfl out put and selected the mfl file.

3. Selected the csv file as an end point!

When testing this I would’ve expected the business service results producing an xml file, but what it shows is the csv file in a binary manner!

Am I approaching this in the right way? Can OSB even do what I am trying to do?

I can currently get the CSV as a string, and will work on a java adapter to convert the String to XML, but this is a tactical solution, and not one I am happy with carrying out, but in the spirit of getting this working…

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