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mARK aNDREWSHi My name’s mARK,

I’m a bit of a web-head and am interested in anything related.  If it runs on the http protocol,I’ve probably worked with it!

Why not check out my CV and see what I’ve been up to.

I live in Chichester and worked their for quite some time too, In fact that’s where I was introduced to OOP and Java, Prior to that I was fresh out of college and a trainee programmer learning Natural Adabas on an IBM mainframe (green on black baby, the first way to fly!).  During my training I was also introduced to some Cobol (off-line) batch processing tasks (zzzzzz! Not the interesting stuff I signed up for!).

Punch CardI remember my first week there, it was all quite exciting (to be honest it was my first proper job).  I found these strange cards in my top draw when i was putting my newly acquired box of stationary away.  I asked the guy training me, and he told me it was a punch card!  “I didn’t ever do any of that at college” I told him, and he explained what they used to do, and that they only had X amount of time on the mainframe processor a week, and some stories of rushing around with a box of punch cards and dropping them and not knowing the right order!  Sounds tough to me, and I’m not so sure I would’ve gotten involved with computers if that had been the what I was going to be doing!

SpreadsheetI think I may have upset the guy training me one day when we were given the task of writing some code to work out new national employees contribution amounts for a big data set.  I wanted to be the best trainee there, and wanted to show initiative, so I whipped open a spreadsheet and completed the task in a matter of minutes.  i didn’t get told off, but I knew I had done wrong, the point was learning the language and completing the task in a mainframe manner, but looking back I did exactly the right thing and I thought outside the box. This has had an impact now on how I approach most things, with an open mind and no fear of trying radical things.  Why do something in a way that takes five times as long, just because that’s the way it was supposed to be done.  Embrace new technologies, and utilise them.  After all the only Constant now is ‘Change’.  Once you accept that, everything else is so much easier.